Never Give up day!

Never Give up day!

 Today is never give up day.

And as I sit here writing this email I think about all the times in my life when I thought that was my only option. 

When I was 19, I set up a beauty products business importing spray tans and hosting tanning parties all over Ireland… Yes, I am responsible for a nation of tangerine skin in the early noughties! 💁🏻‍♀️

I never made any money from this and gave away more free spray tans than I sold, but I gained valuable experience from running this business. I learned how to talk to people, buy and sell stock, how to plan and execute importation of stock and how to plan events. I knew at the time I wasn’t making any money but I never gave up. I was then noticed by a larger brand and was given an opportunity by Beauty Products Ireland and St. Tropez Tan to come onboard as their sales rep, selling tanning booths into beauty salons all around Ireland. A total win! 🌟

My second attempt at business (or maybe hustle) was when one afternoon I rocked up to a wholesalers in Ballymount to buy 100 disposable cameras. I planned to sell them outside a big music gig in Lansdowne Road - what a total flop that was! However, my never-give-up attitude then led me to Oxygen festival in Punchestown racecourse where I sold all 100 cameras to a man outside who had a food stall selling cans of 7 up and munchies. He had the same hopes and dreams as I did, and I do hope he sold all the cameras! 📸 

Another time my never-give-up attitude led me in the right direction was when I stood in a mile long queue at Glastonbury festival, hungry and tired, to purchase what would be my next business venture, Pieminister, aka, the best pie and mash known to man! I pitched to Pieminister to run their business here in Ireland which I then did for the next 8 years. Unforgettably, this failed too and at the time I was 33 and pregnant with my first son. I fell ill with PND (Postnatal Depression) and thought my only way out was to give up. Peachylean was my savour and was born whilst I was learning how to love myself again. 💛

After many failures and brave attempts to keep going, I can finally say that Peachylean is the winner and it was all worth it.

Failure is hard. It can be soul destroying at times, but it makes you strong, resilient and brave. Courage is what’s needed to never give up. You will not achieve your dreams if you give up, giving up is saying goodbye to your purpose in life. 

Never give up on you. I believe in you.  

x  Shar x

Peachylean Founder and CEO 💖


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