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At Peachylean we are on a mission to help women to feel comfy and supported in their skin. We want to help women to feel their best every, single, day. So often, our inner critics keep us feeling self-conscious and stuck in place, hindering us in becoming the best version of ourselves. We want to help women overcome this, so they can see themselves as they really are: beautiful, everyday heroes, who are enough, just as they are.

At the age of 33 our founder and CEO, Sharon Keegan, became a new Mam and struggled with postnatal depression. Being no stranger to throwing herself into adversity, Sharon decided to go back and study Innovation and entrepreneurship in University College Dublin. This helped her to not only overcome her anxiety and postnatal depression, but also compelled her to help other women who were going through similar experiences.

After designing and experimenting with multiple products, Sharon realised that her passion was in physical and mental wellbeing. Having found huge solace in exercise throughout her most arduous times, Sharon decided to create a product that she couldn’t find on the market: supportive, comfortable, excellent quality leggings that would not only support a woman’s shape, but would also help give them the confidence and self-esteem to move for their mind. Sharon’s mission was simple, to help women to silence their inner critic, to stop holding themselves back and discover their true potential in life, and to ultimately love them 'Self.'

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This mission became a reality when Sharon found not only a team of exceptionally talented women, but also women who mirrored her values and core beliefs. This was the beginning of the founding Peachylean Dream Team.

Sharon Keegan

Chief Confidence Creator
CEO & Founder

Carol Mahon

Chief Creative & Messer
Head of Creative & Design

Fiona O'Carroll

Chief Peachylean Machine
Chief Operations Officer

The company has gone from strength to strength and in April 2021, Peachylean featured on the infamous BBC Dragons’ Den series. What started as a kitchen table idea, continues to grow and gain momentum as a global brand, with a supportive and like-minded community known as the Peachylean 'Self-Love Club.'

After a turbulent 2020, the values and core beliefs instilled in the company are needed more than ever as we move into a new way of living, and having to relearn how to love the ‘Self’.

We invite you to join us on our journey and discover your own Self-Love. We're excited, we hope you are too!

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