✨ Darkness to Light ✨

✨ Darkness to Light ✨

I had a good chat with a friend recently who had been struggling and feeling a sense of loss and a lack of accomplishment. He felt stuck. He felt he couldn’t keep up with his friends and peers on social channels and he felt that everyone else seemed so much more together and happier than him.

After sitting with him and listening and empathising, I too shared my problems. Afterwards, he suddenly seemed lighter and spoke with more hope and understanding. I even got a smile and a laugh from him. 

It got me thinking, how many times have I shared my dark days on social channels? The days when I have financial stress, bills coming out of my ears, days when work is tough, as well as relationship issues, family issues, confidence issues?

The truth is that in the past few months I've had all of these worries and it wasn’t until I sat with this friend and tried to make him feel better that I shared the darker side of my days.

Social media leads us to believe we are not rich enough, not successful enough, not lean enough, not good enough. After realising this, I felt a sense of responsibility to be more authentic when posting on my social channels. We can help more people by being our true selves than we can by filtering over the cracks.

As we enter into the summer season, the feeling of hope washes over me. It got me thinking about how lucky we are to have the freedom to live the lives we live. As the sun starts to peep through the dark grey clouds this May, remember, darkness comes from living a life not true to yourself and  caught up in living for the acceptance of others. 
Light and sunshine come from letting go of what others think of you and pleasing only yourself, your authentic self.
Allow your authenticity to bring you from darkness to light this May x

Written in memory of the wonderful souls we will walk for this weekend at Darkness into light and all the loved ones they left behind x


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