After loosing 5 stone, and bouncing back from post natal depression with her two boys, Sharon Keegan founder of was compelled to help other women who may be going through similar experiences and support them to move for their mind and gain confidence and self-esteem, empowering them to love themselves.

This sparked a passionate mission to change the preconception of what a healthy, fit, body was; a problem that was increasing with the ever growing presence of an unattainable body image on Instagram, Facebook and mainstream media.

Sharon felt that if these platforms could be used to spread a message of body positivity, they could be a powerful tool. This, combined with her own difficulty in finding supportive, flattering, good quality gym wear led to the inception of Peachylean.


 "If we can make women feel good by supporting their shape, their confidence will grow and their positive body image and self-esteem will follow." Sharon explained.


Since 2018, Peachylean has gone from strength to strength. With an exceptional all female design and management team ttheir innovative, award winning Irish support wear now sells worldwide and continues to gain momentum.



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