"THE MAGIC OF PEACHYLEAN" as told by our Intern Selina

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This month we had the absolute pleasure of working with the fabulous Selina, who came to intern with us all the way from Berlin, Germany. We had so much fun working with Selina and asked her if she would like to firstly, write a piece for our blog on her time in Dublin working with Peachylean. And secondly, we gifted her a pair of our fab leggings and asked her for her verdict. Below are the pieces in Selina's own words. Have a read and enjoy. And Selina, we absolutely loved working with you and will miss you greatly! Come back soon!


Image of Selina

"Hi, I’m Selina!

A young woman from Germany – Berlin, who took her first steps on Irish ground a few weeks ago.

I always thought about going to Dublin, so why not do an internship here? I had no clue what was going to happen. I’m an apprentice in wholesale, or “Businesswoman for wholesale and foreign trade” as we would refer to it in Germany… complicated, I know.  Luckily for me, we speak more English than German with our customers, so the language was nothing major to worry about. But there were some experiences, like the Dublin buses… Well, I have to say I’m very happy that I found out very quickly that the reason I missed my bus was that I just forgot to put out my hand! A thing that would never happen in Germany. In Germany you just stand directly at the bus stop and the bus will stop. No putting your hand out at all. Maybe they are not always on time either, but don’t start to talk about this topic here in Dublin… I have never been so punctual at leaving the house because I was so afraid to miss my bus!

My internship is organised over an Erasmus program called “Go Europe” which is pretty cool because it saved me a lot of money. I’m not alone here in Dublin. We are a group of eight, all from the same school. In Germany, when you are doing an apprenticeship it is always dual. On the one hand, you are working in a company getting the practical knowledge, and on the other hand you are going twice a week to a so called “vocational school” where you are undertaking the theoretical part of your apprenticeship. That essentially means that you are learning the basic stuff that everyone in the branch you are doing your apprenticeship in, needs to know. Our group  of eight is split into different apprenticeships. Some of the group are doing their internships in the same company, the rest, including myself, are working individually. Peachylean was recommended to me from the “Go Europe” organisation and I’m very happy that they did! For me, a welcoming working atmosphere is one of the main things for good working results. That also includes getting on well with your colleagues. Luckily I couldn’t have done better in this regard! From my first day, they were both so warm and I could see that they were doing the best they could to run the business, especially Sharon, the founder of Peachylean. It really impressed me to see what Peachylean has already done in recent years! It’s just my second week here but I’m already in full Peachy vibe, as you can see ;). I’m very happy to be here, in this beautiful city called Dublin and of course at Peachylean!  

Finally the time had come. After I had already learned a lot about the Peachylean leggings, I was given a pair to try! What can I say? I

Image of Selina feeling confident in a dress

had certain ideas about the leggings and they were all true! Since I am 5’10" I have long legs, which is nice, but never have they been put in such a favourable light as they were by the Peachylean leggings! Not only did they look long but also slim! And my bottom, WOW! From one moment to the next, I got such a boost of self-confidence, it was just incredible! I walked out of the office and it felt so good! I couldn’t stop smiling. But something else happened. After work, I decided to go to town. I found a cute little vintage shop and decided to stop by. Normally I would never have thought of trying on the dress at all… A Charleston dress that I couldn't have imagined to fit even my bottom! Since I was still so full of self-confidence because of the leggings, I thought why not, and tried the dress on. What can I say, it fit as if it was made for me. I stood in the changing room and could not believe it. That was me wearing this beautiful dress. On this day I definitely believed in magic! The magic of a pant that is so much more than just leggings. It’s Peachylean leggings!"


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