✨ Thank your body ✨

✨ Thank your body ✨

How often do you tell your body how great it is? 

How thankful you are for such a wonderful machine that taxis your soul about this planet?

37.2 trillion hardworking cells, flat to the matt, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to give you the opportunity to feel and see, to love and laugh, to run and walk and swim and breathe!

These busy little cells make up our flesh; our beautiful living flesh. Our red blood running through our veins, oxygenated and pumped every second by our hardworking heroic heart. This heart beats strong, 24hrs, seven days a week to feed every cell in our magnificent body, 37.2 trillion cells. 

Our beautiful breath, funnelled through the lungs and into the heart to the data centre - the brain, where we store our magical memories; our first love, the birth of our children, moments of joy and fun and adventure. These are the memories presented to us in our final moments when we take our last breath. Our data centre flickers through the most magical memories and stories of our lives, like our very own documentary. And let me tell you, at no point in this documentary will there be a memory of a flabby belly, or chubby legs, love handles or a big bum, or lbs in weight measured on a weighing scales.

Our bodies give us life, so we need to thank our bodies every single day, until our final breath.

So please join me in reading the below piece I wrote as a reminder for us to thank our body. I hope this resonates with you and maybe you will share it with your family, your sisters, your friends, your kids:

Peachylean Founder and CEO 💖


  • Margaret Horgan: March 21, 2023

    Just wanted to say thank you for that beautiful poem, I think sometimes we take our bodies for granted, so thank you again for the gentle reminder.

    Kindest regards

    Margaret Horgan

  • julie: March 21, 2023

    What an important message, as a 63 year old woman, i am only now grateful and happy that i have a working body, that is beautiful. I look back at photo’s in my 20’s 30’s 40’s remembering how critical i was of myself, and only in my 50’s did start to appreciate my age body and mind, still working at it. I will spread this to all my friends and daughters.. thank you

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