Self-care: 4 tips on how to practice Self-love and feel good in your skin.


Do you practice self-care? Here at Peachylean, we’re all about the three selves: self-love, self-care and self-acceptance. We live in a society where there’s such an emphasis on the physical, and whilst it’s important to feel comfortable in our skin, self-love is about so much more than how we look on the outside. Life is full of ebbs and flows and there will always be days where we feel negative, down and not worthy, but the great thing about feelings is that they are fleeting and we have the ability to change them. When you practice self-love, self-care and self-acceptance, you can learn how to tap into your emotions and better manage those days when you’re not feeling your best self. Here are four tips to help you practice self-love and start feeling better in your skin:


  • Practice mindfulness/meditation when you can


Practice mindfuness 


Practicing meditation is an excellent way to improve our concentration, reduce stress, and stimulate our creativity. It takes some time and practice to learn to meditate in full consciousness. We can, however, learn how to do it on our own.  Many people associate meditation with sitting cross-legged in the lotus position, but there is no single way to meditate. We have the option of sitting on the floor, in a chair, standing, walking, or lying down. We are all different, and there is no wrong way to meditate. Experimenting with different positions to see which one feels the most natural is very important to discover the best way of meditating for you.


  •  Acknowledge your worth.


Love yourself by acknowledging your worth


It’s not always easy to acknowledge our worth, but knowing our worth is ultimately what enables us to fully enjoy our life. At Peachylean, we want you to see yourself as you truly are beautiful everyday heroes, who are free to learn, mess up and be imperfect. Because when we’re happy to be ourselves, we are free to become anyone we want.

When you learn to appreciate yourself, it no longer matters so much whether or not anyone else appreciates you. When you know your self-worth, your value is no longer tied up with what someone else thinks of you. Realistic self-pep-talks and affirmations are a great way to start changing the negative self-talk that you may have developed over time. Try putting aside set times during the day to remind yourself that you're a great person. Tell yourself you are strong, you are worthy, you are special, and you are loved. And remember, there’s only one you and you are enough! 


  • Be kind to yourself


Be kind to yourself

We want you to show love and kindness to yourself. The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of love, acceptance, and gratitude. Take some time to figure out what you need for yourself, what you love, or even like about yourself, and what you’re grateful for. The list might be small but that’s ok, it’s a start. Taking the time to be kind to yourself and incorporating some simple self-love and self-care habits can have a huge benefit for our bodies and minds and can help us fight against stress and promote overall health and wellbeing.

 Here are a few activities you can do, for free, (and during a global pandemic), to show yourself some love and kindness this month:

  1. Get some air. Take in your beautiful surroundings and appreciate the present moment and breathe.
  2. Move to some music. Whether it’s walking, dancing, running, or just tapping your foot to the beat, Movement is Medicine.
  3. Read a book or short story. This is a great mindful activity and one that allows you some you-time.
  4. Treat yourself. Tomorrow doesn’t exist yet, the present is all we have so be kind to yourself.


  • Seek beauty in the little things


Seek beauty in the little things


At Peachylean, we want to help women feel supported and comfy in their skin, so they can stop focusing on the horizon and start enjoying the journey. Too many people are busy fixating on the big things, failing to realise that life is made up of all the little in-between bits. Only concentrating on the big things in life can leave us feeling frustrated and upset, always feeling like we are chasing something and never quite reaching where we want to be. When we are rushing in life, it is hard to notice the small things we have achieved. When we slow down and start focusing on small steps every day, we become more present and mindful, which allows us to appreciate the joy and beauty in every day. Life is full of little things which add up to the big things. There is epic in the everyday, you just have to pay attention to it.

A good way of doing this can be by practicing gratitude. Start by making small habits like saying three things you’re grateful for every day. Write them down and begin to notice how much you have to be grateful for. Every day may not always be great, but there is something great in every day.


Let us know how you’re getting on and share your tips on how you practice self-care in the comments below or tag us on our Instagram and Facebook page. We want to hear everything about you and your journey. Why not check out our cute sets, perfect for going for a walk or chilling on the couch while you practice your mindfulness!























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  • Sarah Houlihan : March 21, 2023

    By Moving away from fear & following my dreams, by remembering I AM ENOUGH, I AM WORTHY 💜 each and every day no matter what the outcomes are

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