Nothing fits your bits like Peachylean. Peachylean leggings: So comfy you’ll never want to take them off!

Nothing fits your bits like Peachylean.  Peachylean leggings: So comfy you’ll never want to take them off!

We all have our non-negotiables when it comes to leggings and there’s a lot more than just fit to consider when looking for the perfect pair. We want you to fall head over heels in leggings, so we’ve done the legwork for you and have compiled this handy checklist to highlight all the amazing features of our leggings. They shouldn’t roll down the whole time (so annoying); they can’t be see-through (we’d rather the whole gym didn’t see our underwear, thanks); and, of course, they should look and feel great too. When you wear your Peachylean’s, you’re already ticking all those boxes from workouts to weekends and everything in-between, Peachylean have you covered. Check out our full range on


  • Holds you tight and hugs just right.


Holds you tight and hugs just right.

Peachylean leggings are high waisted for extra comfort and made with high compression to ensure you feel snug from waist down to hem. Our High waisted leggings are designed with a wide, thick waistband that lies flat without digging in. The waistband is made to fit tight and compressive, so you’ll feel held in, hugging and supporting you in all the right places. The high waist also means that it's a flattering rise that stays in place when you move, so you won’t have to worry about your waistband rolling down while you’re doing your downward dog! What’s not to love?


  • Squat-proof: Double lined in the bum and tum for maximum comfort and security.


Double-lined in the bum and tum

 Whatever way you’re moving, your body needs support and we have got you covered - literally! Whether you’re doing squats, lunges, lifting weights or lifting little ones, Peachylean leggings are double lined at the bum and tum for maximum comfort and security. Constructed in bum-sculpting fabric, the high spandex content helps to sculpt and enhance the body whilst providing support so you always have peace of mind when you’re on the move. See-through leggings, no more!


  • They’ve got pockets!


They have pockets

 You know that feeling when you're trying on a new dress, and then you realise... it has pockets! Done. Sold. I'll take one in every colour! It's common knowledge that adding pockets to anything automatically makes it better... And we're happy to report that our range of leggings come fully equipped with Peachy pockets too! Not only are our leggings super comfy and supportive, but now you never have to worry about forgetting your keys, cards, or phone again! Can we get an Amen!


  • Compressive fit.


Compressive fit

So, what are compressive leggings, we hear you say? Compression leggings are leggings with a snugger fit and extra support, with reputed benefits for blood flow and recovery. They are designed to apply a considerate amount of pressure on our leg muscles and glutes, which helps blood flow away from our legs and back to our heart, unlike tracksuit bottoms or other pants with a looser fit. As we run, the increased pressure assists in keeping our muscles stable and prevents vibrations. In principle, we expend less energy this way, allowing us to focus more on the work at hand… Kicking ass on your new set and drill or for kicking back with your netflix and chill.


  • Sweat-Wicking and Quick drying


Sweat-wicking and quick-drying

 Peachylean fabrics are sweat-wicking and quick-drying so you don't have to worry about excess sweat. Our sweat-wicking leggings feel dry and comfortable against your skin, even when you’re going all-out. To get the most out of your leggings, we generally recommend that you wash them cold. Top Tip! - Don't wash your leggings with a fabric conditioner as it clogs up the pores and stops the fabric from ‘wicking’ the sweat away from your skin.


  • They’re made to last.


They are made to last

 Buy cheap, buy twice. Our leggings are a premium legging and are almost half the price of some of our competitors. They are ethically made using a very high quality specialised fabric. We aren’t fans of fast fashion so our products are investment pieces that are made to last. Take good care of them and they will.


We hope the features mentioned above have given you a little more insight into the numerous reasons you can fall head over heels in Peachylean leggings! Work, workout, chillout; we’ve got the comfiest leggings whatever the occasion. You can check out our collection here: leggings and bralet shopping.

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