Move for Your Mind: 5 Best Exercises to do Outdoors

Best outdoor exercises

The days are getting a bit warmer and brighter, which makes it a little easier to get outside, take in the fresh air and train in the great outdoors. We’ve put together a few exercises for you to get started to warm your muscles up and keep you going on your feel-good routine. 

Best outdoor exercises

Outdoor exercises are also great because they challenge your body in different ways with natural inclines and declines, as well as having to dodge the odd person on your run, which help hone your skills to be sharper.

Hill Sprints

Training outdoors is all about using the world around you to your benefit. An easy way to kick off your morning is to find a hill with a steep incline and sprint up and then down, repeating that 10 times. This is effective in helping you to exert force while maintaining control and as a simple HIIT workout that burns fat. 

Bench Dips

You’ll more than likely find yourself training in the park… and that means there’ll be benches around. Simply use the bench to perform dips, completing 10 reps over as many sets as you’d like to tone your arms and build muscle. All you need to do is sit on the bench, placing your hands beside you, facing forward. Slide your bum forward, holding yourself up with your triceps. Now lower your bum until your triceps is at a 45 to 90 degree angle. Slowly, push yourself back up and repeat 10 times. If you feel a burn in your triceps (back of your arms) you’ll know you’re doing it right!

Elevated Reverse Lunge

Using your new best friend, the bench, once more, face away from it and place your back foot on the bench so that it is elevated. From there, all you need to do is lower yourself down with your hands on your hips and bring yourself back up again. After you’re done with 10 reps for one leg you should repeat the same with the other. 

Trail Running

There’s nothing like finding a beautiful space outdoors and running through it. It’ll hardly feel like you’re working out as you take in the scenery and it is equally as good for your mental health as it is for your physical health. You’ll be able to help clear your mind of anything that causes stress and once you get to know the course, discovering new and exciting trail runs around your neighbourhood will become a fun new addition to your day!


One of the most common and effective exercises around, you can either do push-ups on the grass or using the bench to make it easier or more difficult. If you’ve never done push-ups before then try starting on your knees rather than only with your hands and feet on the ground. Now that you’re ready, lower yourself down and raise yourself back up in a movement that targets your biceps and core. 

Two women exercising outdoors


And there you have it, a simple way to start exercising outdoors. Tag us on your adventures at #peachylean we’d love to share! 

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