The #LoveYourselfie Campaign

We understand in difficult times, staying positive and kind to yourself may not be the easiest thing to do. Peachylean has an audience built up of over 19,000 followers on Instagram and we have decided the best way to encourage you to love yourself and get moving is by allowing your voice to be heard and for others to listen. 

Here at Peachylean we are starting a campaign to share as many stories as possible from our followers detailing how they have overcome adversity, conquered fear and the moment they truly began to love themselves for who they are. By doing this we hope to create a community that understands, perfect is whatever you can achieve and to bring a smile and a sense of motivation to our followers who may think they are defined by their current or past situations, a hand on the shoulder to say 'everything will be ok'. 

Peachylean would like to encourage our followers to send us their stories of how they have gotten through difficult times in order to #LoveYourselfie. This can be either in the form of a quick video which you can send to us directly so we can post to our instagram account to share with our community, uploaded on your own account with the hashtag #PeachyLeanLoveYourselfie or it can be written text which you can send to us so we can post on our social media pages or as a separate blog depending on the story. 

we are never alone in our battles and its ok to take your time with things, throughout this campaign we will be sharing content daily on our social media platforms to promote positivity and kindness. 

We really cant wait to hear your stories, get moving <3





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