How to get started on Sustainability

Everyone is becoming more conscious of their individual impact on our planet. With climate change advocates such as Greta Thunberg becoming pop culture icons for the younger generation in the race to prevent the devastating irreversible impact of climate change on the planet, the idea of making the way in which we live our lives more sustainable has never been a more prevalent topic. The only problem is that not a lot of people know where to start to make a difference. We at Peachylean are extremely passionate about trying to improve the sustainability of life and here we have come up with some tips to help you guys get started on a more sustainable life between our beautiful planet and you.

A sustainable Home

Use LED lighting instead of Incandescent bulbs

Led Lightbulb

OK, we know this is an easy one but maybe there are people who still haven't made the change!. Besides the fact that the LED bulbs last significantly longer than the other forms of light bulbs making them a no brainer to buy, they are designed to be more energy efficient. See already there are two bonuses for your bank account and for the planet. Research has shown that while they were originally quite expensive to begin with, the prices of LED light bulbs have gone down up to 80%. Similarly they have a better quality of light from them than incandescent bulbs. 

Sticking with Lightbulbs another useful tip is to turn off the lights when you leave a room and use as much natural lighting in your house as you possibly can. This will make those LED light bulbs last even longer than they normally would and allow you to stop stressing about those electricity bills. 

Put on extra layers instead of turning on the heating 


There is a reason we all get the horrifying flashback and question of “Did I leave the Immersion on??” as we’re driving across the country. That's because that while it also uses up a lot of energy, it can be extremely expensive. Next time, when you're cold, put on some extra clothing in the house before you reach to turn on the heating, you’ll be surprised the difference doubling up those socks will make!

Reduce paper waste

Ok this is killing two birds with one stone, but we all know how annoying Junk mail can be. Besides usually being ridiculously annoying however they are wasting paper, particularly if they are not being recycled correctly. To reduce the amount of waste from the juk mails, put up a ‘No Junk Mail’ sign on your letterbox meaning there is less of a chance that the paper will go to waste. similarly reducing paper waste around the house can be done through other methods as well.

Dont hang yourself out to dry

washing line

When you are drying your washing make a more considered effort to dry them using a washing line or a drying rack instead of using the dryer. This will significantly save energy and depending on the day might just be as quick as the dryer...ok maybe that's optimistic living in Ireland, but still, Save on those bills

Food Shopping  

Don't buy a bag. 

reusable shopping bag

Picture this, you're stuck behind someone in the shops and they're genuinely arguing with the cashier because the new sustainable plastic bags cost €0.89 cent. Nobody wants to be this person. Bring your own reusable shopping bags out when you need to do the shopping. This will save you the 89 cent and while you're technically helping to save the planet, you also don't look like a scrooge to everyone waiting in line!

Don't Buy bottled water

The amount of plastic being used on bottles of water every year is absolutely disgusting. According to research, the average person uses up to 150 plastic water bottles every year. Despite that being an outrageous amount of plastic, when you consider you could just buy one of our reusable water bottles here, buying plastic water bottles makes no sense ;)

Shop local

Even just making a conscious effort to stop buying as many imported products as usual and shopping Irish or local can make a massive difference. It helps to support local business firstly but reduces the need to expensively import products that are easily accessible and available here in Ireland. Just keep your eye out next time you're shopping, you can help do your part for your community.

Sustainable fashion

Support Brands that are environmentally ethical and conscious. *wink wink*. There is currently a lot in the news at the minute concerning the fast fashion industry and the impact that it is having on the environment. That boohoo delivery of yours is using an extremely unnecessary amount of plastic . 

Get creative

That old dress you don't really wear anymore? Transform it into a top and a skirt. Ok, it might take you a couple of old dresses to ge the hang of it, but making alterations to old clothes can save you money, can save plastic from having new clothes delivered and can also make you stand out. You’re literally wearing something that is one of a kind and who doesn't love that? 

This, really?

shopping rack

Livia firth, the founder of Eco Age, created something called the 30 wears campaign to encourage people to only buy clothes they know they're going to wear often. Ask yourself when you go to buy something, is this something I would really like to wear a minimum of 30 thirty times and if the answer is no, then put it back. You'd be surprised at how much this can help with your decision making!. 

Know your materials

Next time you go shopping for clothes, start checking what the clothes you're buying are really made of. Look for products that are made from materials such as organic cotton, Flax Linen, Hemp, Lyocell and Modal. These are all sustainable materials that can be found in clothing and are worth your while to check for in the future if you want to be more conscious of what products you are purchasing. 

Sustainable beauty

Makeup ban

Don't all email me in outrage, but going once each week without wearing make up can really help you to make your makeup products last for longer and for when you need them most. If once a week is too much, even start off going makeup free once each month. You really will see a difference in the lifespan of your products. 


wooden toothbrushes

Turn off the water while you're brushing your teeth. We know this is an easy one but it can massively help you to reduce your consumption of water within your household. Whether it is you or your kids, get them into the habit of turning off the tap while brushing. The same rule can apply to when you are washing your face too. It’s a small step but can make a big difference. 

Sharing is caring

Share products with your family that you can. Obviously this applies to only certain beauty items in the house. Products like deodorant and shampoo can be shared between your family allowing you to buy less of them reducing the plastic waste. To make this tip last even longer, buy the bigger bottle of shampoo and conditioner than you usually would and share. While lasting longer, this way it usually works out cheaper for you as well so its a win-win. 

The biggest tip we can give is to just be conscious and considerate. We only get one mother earth and as we can see now more than ever it is important to treat her right. There's nothing mind blowing in these tips but they are small things that if we all do as a collective, that can have a big difference to the future of the planet for our kids and grandchildren. 

Love Peachy Lean <3

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