How To Get Out Of The Quarantine Rut

The last couple of months have been crazy for us all! Not just our routines but also our lives changed, and we began doing regular things very differently. Everything became monotonous, small activities or tasks seemed herculean! And after a point, it seemed as though nothing was ever interesting anymore. You're doing the same old things, but it doesn't seem like you are getting anywhere. In short, you were struck by the Quarantine Rut, everything seemed to annoy you because you were the least productive. It’s true, none of us have ever faced such a situation in our lives before and this time we had a lot of time to ourselves. The feeling of being unproductive is frustrating. 

Soon after the lockdown ended, things began to get back to normal, but you still seemed to be stuck in the quarantine rut! I found it hard for myself to get back to the lifestyle I had. I just wanted to stay in bed all day with my laptop and snacks, but it didn’t feel right. Getting off the bed or the couch was painful as hell and heading out for a walk or to exercise was never an option for me. Before quarantine, I could easily to the gym motivated, or to a cafe to refresh myself. This is no longer possible. So, refreshing myself becomes harder. And now when things are slowly getting back to normal, it took me a while, but I got out of my quarantine rut.

Here are three ways that helped me escape the Rut:

Focus on an activity which you feel like doing:

Have you ever just felt like not doing something but thought another activity was a better option, well, you should do that! No matter how small or insignificant, JUST DO IT! Don’t feel doing your office work at home? Do something else that will be productive, like clean your room, or probably put on some music and get rid of your old clothes from your wardrobe. Focusing on what you feel like doing the most is a great way of becoming productive. Get out of your room, just do something that you have not done in a while. When you continue doing things you like and finishing them up, you’ll only be left with the main task that you can complete more easily as you’re already in a productive mood! 

Reward Yourself:

It's all about how you treat yourself for doing the tiny things. You can easily motivate yourself by promising yourself a reward after finishing a task. No matter how small or big, this creates a Positive Reinforcement. Rewards could be something like watching a quick episode of your favourite show or probably that piece of cake that you so desperately crave! Treat yourself for the work you do! 

Listen to music that motivates you:

There are millions of songs and playlists on Spotify or iTunes. Listen to some songs that will motivate you and give you a little push to get back up on your feet and do something! Put on some upbeat songs and you’ll notice how your pace of work increases and you’re ready to get stuff done!

Several other ways helped me get motivated to do something! Just plan your day, have a good meal in the morning, get to the kitchen and cook something that you’ve always wanted to try or just call your friends! Remember, we were all in this together, everyone had faced it and now you know how you can get back to doing something fruitful. It is all about the small steps and you’ll be glad to see how much you were able to complete by the end of the day! You’ve Got This! 

Love, Peachylean <3

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