Whether it is to start a new diet to help with your fitness goals or whether it is just to help rejuvenate your body, many people all over the world often use different methods in order to ‘detox’ their body. With that being said, people may not understand exactly what detoxing your body is and what it includes. 

Detoxification is becoming more popular as the years go by with more and more people seeking the benefits. The idea of the detox  is that they are short term that claim to remove harmful toxins from your body in order to cleanse your body and restore it to full functionality with the idea being it can help improve weight loss . To some people this might sound ridiculous, but people have cited immediate benefits so it is a topic worth exploring. The detoxes usually include things like herbs and teas,fruits and vegetables, periods of fasting etc and can go as far as including things such as colon cleanses with the benefits believed to include things such as rest for your organs during fasting, providing your body with healthy nutrients with the diet, improved circulation and toxin elimination. If we assume that all this is the case then excellent! However even if we are skeptical there are natural ways your body can detox itself and ways you can help improve that. We have combined a little bit of both here at Peachylean and put together a list to help you out!

Limit alcohol

No surprises for realising that maybe alcohol isn't good for you. But besides the banging headache you have after a night out, the effect that alcohol has on your body can have a long lasting impact. More than 90% of alcohol is metabolised by your liver. The liver changes the alcohol into a chemical called acetate which is known to be a harmful cancer linked chemical. With this being the case, limiting your alcohol intake can significantly increase your livers functionality and ability to remove toxins from your body more effectively. 

Consume whole foods

Despite some suggestions, a dietary detox doesn't have to be so complicated and an easy way you can help your body get back to performing at its maximum is by eating whole, single ingredient food. By making the choice to consume whole food, your body will be able to digest and metabolise them more quickly than non whole ingredient food allowing more time for your body to detoxify itself. 


Protecting your cells from damage, Antioxidants provide a vital role for your body. Your body naturally produces molecules called free radicals which are designed to aid processes such as digestion etc. however, alcohol, smoking and poor diets can lead to your body creating excessive amounts of free radicals and when causing damage can lead to conditions such as heart disease, liver disease and dementia. By eating foods that are rich in antioxidants you greatly reduce the possibility of excessive free radicals having a damaging impact on your cells. Foods such as fruits, berries, cocoa, spices, coffee and green teas are known to contain a high amount of antioxidants.


This is one we can all get on board with! Getting enough sleep is vital to aid with your bodies daily functionality. Getting less than 7-8 hours sleep per night has been shown to decrease both your cognitive and physical ability the next day by 20%. For example, Imagine being a professional boxer, you train for months to get into the best physical condition for 12 rounds of boxing and you get 6 hours sleep the night before the fight. Instead of managing to go the 12 rounds your body is primed for, you’re exhausted by round 9. All your work is undone because you didn't get enough sleep. There is a saying that ‘practice makes perfect’. The saying should be ‘practice, with a good night's sleep makes perfect’ as it has been shown you can perform the same task completed the night before up to 25% better after a night of good sleep. It is clear to see how it could similarly improve the other areas of body’s functionality. 

Manage your stress levels 

While you're stressed, your body will halt any action that it deems not vital to reducing your stress. This means that when under high levels of stress your body will slow down its functionality and ability to help cleanse and remove the toxins from your body. This is why high levels of stress have been linked to conditions such as weight gain and fatigue. Taking control of your stress levels and managing them more effectively can have an extremely positive impact on the ability to function correctly. 

Get active

sage colour peachylean leggings and bralet

Again, no surprises for guessing this one, but exercise as we all know has been linked to increasing life span and reducing your risk of obtaining several different health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. 

People however may not realise that reduced inflammation is a key point and benefit of exercise. While obviously inflammation is beneficial in situations where a wound is needed to recover etc, too much inflammation can weaken your body’s immune system. Regular activity reduces the amount of inflammation and as a result allows your body to focus on fighting against toxins and disease more effectively. 

Ok so maybe we mainly looked at the natural and more simple things to do to help improve your body’s functionality but this is mainly due to the fact that research conducted on the detox diets itself have not necessarily been proven. Things like fasting can be effective when done correctly but can pose some risks to people not used to depriving their body of a high number of calories. Similarly a lot of people who partake in the fasting version of the detox diets note that it is mainly water weight being lost in the process that is immediately put back on after coming off the diet. Similarly many detox diets, fail to actually identify the toxin they are attempting to remove from your system making it difficult to trust completely. 

Most of the time your body does not need any additional help to remove the harmful toxins that come into contact with your body because we were built to do it. This is assuming we're doing the basic things right which is what we have gone over here as many people forget that the simplest things are often the most effective.

Love, Peachylean

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