Body Positivity

There is no doubt that the Body Positivity movement has gained a lot of attention in recent years. The movement is all about providing individuals with the needed confidence about their bodies however they appear. Body positivity is accepting of every body type, shape, size, or appearance. 

Through challenging the stereotypes that  society and the cultures try to inflict on women, this movement is all about fiercely loving and embracing yourself flaws and all. The movement emerged as a resistance stand against society’s highly unrealistic body expectations. Body positivity would also include not beating yourself up too hard for the body you have; these include bodily changes that occur naturally like aging, stretch marks and lifestyle choices. 

With nearly 4 million hashtags of #bodypositive, the words “Body Positivity” began to explode in the year 2017. Instagram played an essential role in the rise of the body positivity movement. From activists to celebrities, everyone began using these hashtags on Instagram with over 1 million posts with the hashtag #bodypositivity.  

Why is body positivity important?

To point out, one key objective of body positivity is to identify and address how body image plays a huge role in keeping a healthy mind and well-being. A healthy body image makes individuals confident in their skin and it forms a basis to judge one’s self-esteem and self-worth. It's also about what people feel about themselves no matter how different their appearance is. 

Nowadays since there are millions of images being posted on social media, there is always a chance where you may come across people who are different from you. Everyone has a different body. You need to understand that you are unique. What big brands and fashion companies put forth as an “Ideal Body” is not realistic. if we all had perfect studio lighting and photoshop skills everyone would like these people. This is not okay.  Here is where most of the problem begins, with a sense of a negative body image. Some of these issues would include depression, low self-esteem, or even disorders. 

Body positivity aims to address these issues by helping individuals recognize the factors that lead to negative body image and to enable these individuals with a mindset of acceptance of how they truly are no matter their appearance which will eventually lead to better mental and physical health. 

Now you know why body positivity is needed. Learn how you can spread it around. Here are the best 5 ways you can easily become body positive:


  1. Stop Comparing Yourself:

You are unique and you are one of a kind. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. True happiness and confidence lie in self-love and not comparing how someone looks compared to you especially if the image is found on the internet. As mentioned earlier, you never know if the image is photoshopped or heavily edited So, please remember, accept yourself and stop comparing how you look with others.


 Praise yourself:

Get in front of a mirror and just look at yourself and admire what you see, whom you’ve become, and compliment yourself. Don’t look for things that you do not like about yourself. Self-criticism leads to poor body image. 

 Follow body-positive role models:

It is one of the best practices to follow influencers on social media that spread body positivity. These influencers and role models post content and images that are extremely motivating to every follower! Often, they share their stories and it serves as a platform to connect with them and their experiences

 Eat Healthy:

Here’s the truth! Without eating healthy, there is little chance of you feeling good. Excessive junk food, alcohol, and unhealthy lifestyle habits only add on to poor body image making you feel awful about yourself. Healthy food on the other hand does wonders and you quickly begin seeing changes in your body once you make it a habit to eat nutritious food. 

 Wear what you want:

Get rid of all the clothes that don’t fit you and get the ones that make you feel great! No matter what you wear, as long as you’re comfortable and feel good about yourself, that is what is important. If something doesn’t make you feel good, it’s taking up valuable space in your closet and your life. Donate everything that doesn’t fit and keep only the stuff that does and you feel good about! 


In the end, remember that you have to live in your own skin so why not feel good in it. Spread body positivity around and you will glow more than you know <3 

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