7 Home Exercises To Keep You In Shape During Quarantine!

With Covid-19 forcing us all to stay at home, keeping active is more difficult than ever. Here at PeachyLean we have done the research and found seven, yes seven! Home Exercises to help keep you in shape during quarantine 

 7 Burpees 

Don't look away just yet! While some consider the burpee a difficult exercise, it is not without its merits. The burpee turns your body into a fat burning machine. The plyometric movement involved in the exercise combines a push up with a vertical jump. They are highly recommended as they can increase your metabolic rate allowing you to burn calories even long after your workout, 

We would definitely recommend you add these to your home workout routine!

6 Squats

The next exercise needs no introduction. The main benefit of the squat is the strength condition the exercise develops in your legs and glutes as well as back muscles, in fact as a result of the squat creating an anabolic environment it is beneficial for promoting body-wide muscle growth.  

Each different squat variant can be a benefit to your daily workouts.

5 Mountain Climbers

An exercise widely known for its ability to build cardio endurance, core strength and agility. The rapid leg movement involved in the exercise along with the muscles used in the top half of the exercise make it an essential for conditioning and fat loss

Climb your way to your fitness goals with these ones!. 

4 Diamond push up

Here's one for the arms that you may not be using.

The diamond push up focuses mainly on the triceps however also works the chest muscles and core while keeping your body in a straight line.

Some consider the diamond push up to be more effective than regular push ups but we recommend making use of both to see your best results! 

3 Side plank

A variant of the well known plank. The side plank requires you to lie on your side and lift up using your foot and your elbow and hold the position. This exercise has many benefits when used correctly. These include, strengthening your core, arms and wrists and most importantly works the obliques 

Adding these to your workout will show you results in no time! 

2 Superman

Often a difficult muscle to target the superman can provide benefits to the lower back. If done regularly the superman exercise may alleviate ongoing back pain that can be related to weak back muscles. The ease of the movement along with its benefits make it an essential exercise to master during lockdown!

1 Plyometric push up

Finally another push up variation...they really work!

The plyometric push up sees you explode off the ground after completing your push up before repeating. The benefits of this exercise include working several muscle groups including the chest, triceps, abs and shoulders! Getting the hang of this exercise will have you speeding your way towards your fitness goals. 


Have you added any of these exercises to your workout routine? What do you think of our list? Tag us on instagram practising these exercises so we can cheer you on! 

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