6 Ways You Can Support Pride 2020

This month is Pride month, and in Dublin, Pride week was scheduled to take place between the 18th to the 28th of June. Despite the difficult times we are living in, it is more important now than ever to show our support for the wonderful people who have seen their traditional pride parades cancelled this year due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. This blog post hopes to show that regardless of Covid-19, we can still provide a positive showing of support to the LGBTQ+ community. 

Donate to LGBTQ+ communities. 

The first and perhaps easiest way you can help support LGBTQ+ during pride month is by donating to services which provide support and assistance for the communities. There are many different LGBTQ+ charities which operate out of Ireland including ‘BeLongTo’, ‘lgbt.ie’, ‘Dublinpride.ie’. Each of these organisations do fantastic jobs promoting LGBTQ+ events and providing support for members of the community and a small donation can help to have a positive impact . The websites for the charities are listed here if you want to go and support!




Virtual parades

Even though the Covid-19 outbreak means we won't all be able to gather on O’Connell street to unite and show our support, we can still all come together virtually. Do some research within your local area online, many communities are hosting virtual pride parades throughout the rest of the month of June. For example; Dublin Pride, which is the largest fundraising event of the year for many of the LGBTQ+ communities, is hosting a parade on the 28th of june which will feature a mix of live and pre recorded content celebrating pride month. The link to the registration page of the Dublin pride Virtual Parade can be found here. Unfortunately the deadline for submitting videos to be shown during the parade is the 18th of June but showing up to support and celebrate alongside your friends will no doubt provide a parade to remember. 


Educate yourself further on the LGBTQ+ community. Watch Tv shows which promote and support the community, Watch documentaries which discuss and will educate you further on LGBTQ+, listen to LGBTQ+ podcasts. The following are some examples of media content to invest your time in during Pride month. 

Documentaries: ‘State of Pride’ (2019), ‘Kiki’ (2017), ‘The Death And Life Of Marsha P. Johnson’ (2017)

Movies: ‘A Secret Love’ (2020), ‘Handsome Devil’ (2016), ‘Love, Simon’ (2018), ‘Moonlight’ (2016). 

Podcasts: ‘#QueerAF’, ‘Gay Talk 2.0’, 


Word of mouth is the best way to spread a message and we recommend this as an easy way to show your support during Pride month. Talk to the people in your life about LGBTQ+ share with them your stories, listen to theirs, spread positivity to the people that are in your surroundings. Encourage the discussion of LGBTQ+ among your family at the dinner table for example and celebrate recent developments and progressions that have been achieved in the community.  


Follow activists within the community on social media platforms. Following respected activists on social media will continue to help educate and inform you on current events and happenings within LGBTQ+. Liking and retweeting content can help to spread their messages to people who may not currently be an active supporter and convince them to begin taking action themselves. 

Here are some LGBTQ+ influencers that may be a good starting point. ‘Shane Ortega’, ‘Bamby Salcedo’, ‘Kat Blaque’, ‘Melanie Murphy’, ‘Sarah Courtney’. 

Show your support!

Lastly but not least, it's the little things that can make the biggest difference. Wear a pin, buy a t- shirt, hang a flag or banner. These are all available almost anywhere and send a positive message to everyone of support to the LGBTQ+ community that you stand proudly alongside them. 

In times like these that we are all living in, it's not about who can donate the most or who can participate the most. It's about taking any available action that presents itself and using it to spread love, positivity and unity among your friends, your family and your allies. From the team at Peachy Lean we hope you all have an amazing Pride week.


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