3 Simple Workout Challenges that you can do at Home!

We all have had those days where it becomes impossible to head to the gym. Well, you are motivated to exercise but you know that it’s annoying to drive or walk to your gym. We’ve all been there! The entire lockdown and staying in quarantine would have stopped you to reach your fitness goals and now, although most gyms are open, you might still be a little cautious and head to the gym after a few more weeks. But hey, just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t get fit right? 

Once you get into the zone and are determined to work out, get ready to try any of these three simple home workout challenges! Believe me, you don’t know how effective these challenges are! All of these just need 30 days of your dedication and consistency and the best part is, YOU DON’T HAVE TO VISIT THE GYM! 

Full Body Workout Challenge:

girl exercising in leggings

No weights at home? No problem. Use your body weight! Follow the exercises mentioned below for a minute or two each with a 1-minute rest between each exercise. Remember to warm up before! 

  • Squat Jumps – Involve your core and glutes and begin the squat with your hips pushing them behind you. Remember to keep your chest up and back flat. 
  • Jumping Jacks – Perhaps the simplest exercise but it engages your entire body! 
  • Mountain climbers – You start by getting yourself in the push-up position and you need to bring one foot to the chest and other to the starting position and keep doing it. 
  • Planks – one of the best exercises for your core and abdomen! 
  • Dips – Find a chair and stand a few inches in front of it facing away from the chair with your feet wide apart. Place your arms on the edge of the chair and rest your weight on them. Now lower your hips to perform a dip and get as low as possible.

The 30-Day Yoga Challenge:

    This is a little different than a regular workout but you’re going to love yoga! All you need is a yoga mat and your laptop ahead of you! You can follow the YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene who has daily guided videos that start of a lower to a higher difficulty for 30 days.  30 Minutes a day is all you need to accomplish this challenge! You will slowly begin to notice some amazing results.

    The 30-day Intense exercises:

    girl running

    Here’s where you can test yourself if you’ve already been exercising regularly! The exercises may seem basic, but they have high intensities! So here the trick would be to begin at lower reps and gradually increase them as you keep hitting your daily workout goals! I’d recommend this to people who have not been active gym-goers! 

    • 50 Push-ups 
    • 50 Squats
    • 5-minute plank
    • 50 crunches 
    • 5 km run

    These are just a few challenges that you can try at home! It seems quite simple, but it can get intense. Just remember to keep yourself hydrated and always have a good warm-up session. Do not give up these challenges as soon as you finish the first or the second day when you feel sore, Push Yourself! You can do it! Don’t forget to check out our leggings and bralets here that are designed for not just workouts but all other activities. P.s, the leggings now have pockets!

    Let’s get peachy!!! <3 

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